Portable Toilet FAQs

What are the differences between the different toilets? Does the price differ?

The main difference between the toilets are size and whether there is a sink or not. Listed below are the different toilets which we carry in order of cost (most affordable at the top).

Regular or Basic Toilet – The most common toilet rentals, has a urinal and static waste tank. Hand Sanitizers are included in the cost and comes fully stocked ready to use.
Regular Toilet with Sink – Same as the toilet above, except that there is a sink built into the toilet (therefore no hand sanitizer). Comes fully stocked.
Special Needs Toilet – These units are wheel chair accessible and therefore are much larger than the standard toilets, also they sit flat on the ground. No ramps needed. Comes standard with Hand Sanitizer and fully stocked. NOTE: Waste tank is approximately ½ the size of the regular toilet due to space needed for wheel chairs.
“Wedding Toilet” – These are the nicest of the portable toilets, they are white and contain a sink as well as a fresh water flush toilet. They are slightly larger than the regular toilets and have a different layout that provides for a bit more room inside them as well.

For a photo gallery of toilets offered, please visit the main Portable Toilets page.

Is it possible to get outdoor sinks as well?

Yes it is, we have a few different outdoor sinks available (big and small). This is not a problem.

How many toilets do I need?

This depends a fair bit. But a good general rule of thumb is that for a one day event (backyard party, wedding, etc) one toilet to every 50 people (1:50) is a good number to work with.

For work sites (Construction) where the toilet is being rented on a monthly basis. The proper number of toilets to those working on site is 1 toilet for every 10 people, cleaned once a week. If more people will be working on site, additional units may be required.

When we rent a toilet, who supplies the toilet paper?

We do. Don’t worry, the toilets come fully stocked and ready to use.